SidecarTridge TOS

SidecarTridge TOS Emulator


The SidecarTridge TOS emulator is a compact board designed to emulate Atari ST internal ROMs, allowing users to access any TOS version or custom ROMs without swapping chips.

This comprehensive guide provides detailed information about the SidecarTridge TOS emulator for the Atari ST series of computers. Please refer to the relevant sections below to explore specific topics.

🚀 Latest Firmware and applications

The current firmware version is STABLE-v1.0.4. Visit the official downloads page to get the latest firmware and applications.

Table of Contents

📘 Introduction

An overview of the SidecarTridge TOS emulator project, explaining the project's purpose, objectives, and the intended audience.

💲 Before You Buy

What you need to know before buying a kit

🚀 Getting started

Guidance on the initial steps including prerequisites, setup and configuration.

⚙️ Hardware Installation

Learn how to installation the device in your computers.

😊 User Guide

Learn how to use the device day in day out

🤝 Compatibility

Please read this section to know about open issues and compatibility.

🛠️ Troubleshooting

Check this section if you have issues with your SidecarTridge.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Table of contents