SidecarT Documentation



Welcome to the SidecarT Documentation! This comprehensive guide is aimed at providing developers with all the information needed to get started with the SidecarT board, understand its architecture, and contribute to its development. Please refer to the relevant sections below to explore specific topics.

🚀 Latest STABLE Firmware: v0.0.11

🚀 Latest BETA Firmware: beta-v0.0.15

🐞 Bugs, Issues, and Enhancements

Table of Contents

📘 Introduction

An overview of the SidecarT project, explaining the project's purpose, objectives, and the intended audience.

🚀 Getting started

Guidance on the initial steps including prerequisites, board assembly instructions, setup and configuration.

⚙️ User Guide

Learn how to use the SidecarT.

🏛️ Architecture and Design

Explore the underlying architecture and design principles of the SidecarT board.

🔌 Hardware interface

How the board and the code in the RP2040 handle the mismatch of the buses size between the RP2040 and the Atari ST cartridge.

💻 Software Development

Setting up the development environment, compiling the code, debugging, testing and building the firmware.

👨‍💻 Programming SidecarT

Learn about the ROM emulation, the asynchronous and synchronous programs, develop the firmware and drivers.

📄 Parameters

Description of all the parameters available in the SidecarT.

🔧 How to

Different small tutorials to customize the SidecarT to your needs.

🤝 Compatibility

Please read this section if you have issues with your SidecarT.

🛠️ Troubleshooting

Check this section if you have issues with your SidecarT.


Frequently Asked Questions.

📦 Enclosures

Different enclosures for your board.

🔄 Board revisions

Tracing the path of the SidecarT boards.

🔄 Public Floppy DB

Contribute to the Floppy Images Database with your own images

Explore, learn, and contribute to the SidecarT project!