Configuration Parameters

Please modify the parameters with caution, as they can affect the behavior of the SidecarT board. Read the User Guide section for more information.

BOOT_FEATURESTRINGFirmware mode to start after SidecarT rebootv0.0.1CONFIGURATOR
 CONFIGURATION_DARKBOOLEANEnable or disable the dark theme in the Configuratorv0.0.16false
DELAY_ROM_EMULATIONBOOLEANEnable or disable Delay/Ripper modev0.0.9false
DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT_SECINTEGERThe timeout in seconds for the download operationsv0.0.1560
FILE_COUNT_ENABLEDBOOLEANEnable or disable the file count in the microSD cardv0.0.16true
FLOPPIES_FOLDERSTRINGThe folder where the SidecarT will find the Floppy imagesv0.0.10/floppies
FLOPPY_BOOT_ENABLED BOOLEANEnable or disable the floppy startup from boot sectorv0.0.16true
 FLOPPY_BUFFER_TYPEINTEGERThe type of floppy buffer to use: 0=_dskbuf, 1=heapv0.0.160
FLOPPY_DB_URLSTRINGThe URL of the Atari ST floppy databasev0.0.11http:// ataristdb.
FLOPPY_IMAGE_ASTRINGFile with the floppy image to emulate in drive Av0.0.10 
FLOPPY_IMAGE_BSTRINGFile with the floppy image to emulate in drive B  
FLOPPY_XBIOS_ENABLEDBOOLEANEnable or disable the XBIOS floppy emulationv0.0.16true
 GEMDRIVE_BUFF_TYPEINTEGERThe type of GEMDRIVE drive buffer: 0=_dskbuf, 1=heapv0.0.160
GEMDRIVE_DRIVESTRINGThe drive letter to emulate as a GEMDRIVE drivev0.0.16C
GEMDRIVE_FOLDERSSTRINGThe folders to mount as GEMDRIVE drivesv0.0.16/hd
GEMDRVIVE_RTCBOOLEANEnable or disable the RTC in the GEMDRIVE drivesv0.0.16true
GEMDRIVE_TIMEOUT_SECINTEGERThe timeout in seconds for the GEMDRIVE RTC operationsv0.0.1645
HOSTNAMESTRINGThe hostname of the SidecarT in the TCP/IP networkv0.0.1sidecart
LATEST_RELEASE_URLSTRINGThe URL of the file with the latest SidecarT release versionv0.0.1http:// atarist./ version.txt
MENU_REFRESH_SECINTEGERThe number of seconds to refresh the Configurator menuv0.0.153
NETWORK_STATUS_SECINTEGERThe number of seconds for the polling interval to check the status of the networkv0.0.1510
ROMS_FOLDERSTRINGThe folder where the SidecarT will find the ROM imagesv0.0.1/roms
ROMS_YAML_URLSTRINGThe URL of the JSON file with the ROMs informationv0.0.1http:// roms./ roms.json
RTC_NTP_SERVER_HOSTSTRINGThe NTP server host to synchronize the
RTC_NTP_SERVER_PORTINTEGERThe NTP server port to synchronize the RTCv0.0.12123
RTC_UTC_OFFSETSTRINGThe UTC offset of the RTCv0.0.120
SAFE_CONFIG_REBOOTBOOLIf true, the SidecarT will reboot after a computer power cycle, otherwise it will reboot immediatelyv0.0.9true
SD_MASS_STORAGEBOOLEANEnable or disable the SD mass storage modev0.0.17true
SD_BAUD_RATE_KBINTEGERThe baud rate in Kbps for the microSD card (Max:25000)v0.0.1712500
WIFI_PASSWORDSTRINGThe password of the WiFi network to connect tov0.0.1 
WIFI_SCAN_SECONDSINTEGERThe number of seconds to scan for WiFi networksv0.0.115
WIFI_SSIDSTRINGThe SSID of the WiFi network to connect tov0.0.1 
WIFI_AUTHINTEGERThe authentication type of the WiFi network to connect tov0.0.1 
WIFI_COUNTRYSTRINGThe country code of the WiFi network to connect tov0.0.15XX