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Welcome to the SidecarTridge Multi-device Documentation! This comprehensive guide is aimed at providing developers with all the information needed to get started with the SidecarTridge Multi-device board, understand its architecture, and contribute to its development. Please refer to the relevant sections below to explore specific topics.

🚀 Latest STABLE Firmware: v0.0.11

🚀 Latest BETA Firmware: beta-v0.0.17

🐞 Bugs, Issues, and Enhancements

Table of Contents

📘 Introduction

An overview of the SidecarTridge Multi-device project, explaining the project's purpose, objectives, and the intended audience.

🚀 Getting started

Guidance on the initial steps including prerequisites, board assembly instructions, setup and configuration.

⚙️ User Guide

Learn how to use the SidecarTridge Multi-device.

🏛️ Architecture and Design

Explore the underlying architecture and design principles of the SidecarTridge Multi-device board.

🔌 Hardware interface

How the board and the code in the RP2040 handle the mismatch of the buses size between the RP2040 and the Atari ST cartridge.

💻 Software Development

Setting up the development environment, compiling the code, debugging, testing and building the firmware.

👨‍💻 Programming SidecarTridge Multi-device

Learn about the ROM emulation, the asynchronous and synchronous programs, develop the firmware and drivers.

📄 Parameters

Description of all the parameters available in the SidecarTridge Multi-device.

🔧 How to

Different small tutorials to customize the SidecarTridge Multi-device to your needs.

🤝 Compatibility

Please read this section if you have issues with your SidecarTridge Multi-device.

🛠️ Troubleshooting

Check this section if you have issues with your SidecarTridge Multi-device.


Frequently Asked Questions.

📦 Enclosures

Different enclosures for your board.

🔄 Board revisions

Tracing the path of the SidecarTridge Multi-device boards.

🔄 Public Floppy DB

Contribute to the Floppy Images Database with your own images

Explore, learn, and contribute to the SidecarTridge Multi-device project!

Table of contents