Table of contents
  1. List of cases available
  2. Want to contribute?

List of cases available

SidecarT case by AtariSTFanSidecarT case by AtariSTFan: The first one designed for the SidecarT board by AtariSTFan, aimed to enhance the device’s usability and aesthetic appeal. Offers downloadable files for 3D printing. For revision 0. View on Thingiverse
Sidecar case by KrupkajSidecarT case by Krupkaj: Tailored for those interested in 3D printing a protective and custom look case for the SidecarT device by Krupkaj. Includes detailed model information and files for printing. For revision 0. View on Printables

Want to contribute?

You can contribute to this list by submitting your own case design. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Edit this page on GitHub” link. You can then submit a pull request with your changes.